Juvenile Crimes and Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency court is dedicated to adjudicating misdemeanor and felony crimes allegedly committed by minors.  Juvenile court also deals with truancy and curfew violations.

Minors under the age of 18 are tried in the California juvenile court system.  In rare and serious cases, a minor can be tried in adult court.

There are a number of different sentencing options available in the California juvenile delinquency system.  When a case is not very serious, the minor might be eligible for informal probation or diversion.  Deferred entry of judgment is a way to achieve a dismissal by successful completion of the DEJ program.  A minor can also be declared a ward of the state and serve probation while at home, at a “suitable placement” facility, or at a probation camp.  The most serious penalty a minor can face, aside from adult prison, is commitment to the California Youth Authority.

In most cases, a minor may be able to seal his or her juvenile record.

If you are a minor being charged with a juvenile crime in Southern California, be sure to contact Beverly Hills attorney Gregory Brenner who has experience defending minors facing juvenile delinquency and other juvenile crimes.

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