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California Sex and Internet Crimes Involving Minors

The internet gives us the opportunity to look at virtually anything we want.  What happens, however, when looking is not enough?  People will often look at adult content on the internet.  The problem is, some of it is not adult at all. Too many people are looking […]

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A Good Reason Never to Drive Unlicensed

A woman jaywalking across a street was struck and killed by a car whose driver was arrested because she did not hold a valid license. The driver hit the woman who was illegally crossing the street.  The driver remained at the scene.  There was no suspicion nor […]

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When Can a Police Officer “Stop and Frisk” Me?

An officer who encounters a person under circumstances which reasonably indicate that the person has committed or is about to commit a crime may temporarily stop that person. The surrounding facts and circumstances dictate the reasonableness of such a police stop and whether the stop rose to […]

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How Can I Clean Up My Criminal Record?

In today’s economy, it’s hard enough to get a job without having to deal with a criminal record for past indiscretions.  Because both employers and schools are performing more background checks on applicants, it is crucial to clear your record if possible. There are various ways that […]

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What Happens to Doctors who get DUIs?

Getting a DUI  in Southern California isn’t just an expensive hassle.  If you are a doctor, it can cost you your career.  Drug and alcohol abuse are some of the most common triggers for Medical Board actions.  For doctors who are charged with a DUI, it is […]

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